Forest tramp. RC stories. What is more nececcary than gold

We continue to move! Today you will see that when traveling by real conquerors of off-road occurs very often – the first vehicle breakdown. There is a way out of any difficult situation! Do not give up and go ahead! Forest tramp – “Die Hard”, he will not give up his goal....

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Forest tramp RC stories Boundaries

 Forest tramp RC stories Boundaries. Today you will see an interesting series about borders. But not the borders that guard border guards. The question is not simple. But the answer is excellent. As always – beautiful mountains, a magical forest, and remember – the border between light...

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 Forest tramp. RC stories. What is on the sheet of paper?

 Forest tramp. RC stories. What is on the sheet of paper? Today, the Forest Tramp must overcome a heavy protracted climb to the top of the mountain. The weather is not conducive to an easy walk. And the task that needs to be solved is not as simple as it may seem. A majestic forest, difficult to...

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Forest tramp. RC stories. Betrayers in the head

 Forest tramp. RC stories. Betrayers in the head Today the question of traitors. As the hero says: Even if there is no traitor, people will find him anyway. The question is about those traitors who live in our heads. Rocks, forest – everything, as always. The world is great and...

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Forest tramp congratulates you with the advent of the New 2019! To all your dreams come true! Successes!   You can download this photo calendar for print size 30X45 Скачать...

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